Real Estate Law

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What is Real Estate Law?

Real estate law is the law that regulates title, ownership, and use of a home, a building or a piece of land. In Louisiana, real estate is referred to as immovable property.

It is essential to understand immovable property law here because concepts may differ from other states. Louisiana has different rules when it comes to disputes over property ownership, property usage, as well as successions and inheritance issues.

Co-ownership Issues

Co-ownership of land can give rise to disagreements amongst co-owners. Stinson Law Firm has experience with assisting land owners with exploring their options as it relates to the resolving issues between co-owners of property.

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Title Opinions

Stinson Law Firm has experience in researching title to property and providing title opinions. Title opinions can reveal ownership issues, servitudes, or other issues with property that you may not be aware of prior to purchasing property. Stinson Law Firm can assist you with examining title to the property prior to you making such an important investment.

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New Home Warranty Act

The seller of your new home should, by law, tell you about any existing problems on the property.

Are there any plumbing or heating problems? Leaks? Cracks in the foundation or a problem with the title? The seller should reveal everything.

If not, he/she can be held responsible, but it can be a long, drawn-out process that can cost you a lot of money. If you believe your seller did We can do a title review or help with the property transfer.

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Oil & Gas Law

Doug Stinson has experience in assisting landowners with negotiating with oil and gas companies when entering into leases, surface agreements, and right of way agreements. Leasing your property for purposes of oil and gas exploration can be financially rewarding, but it can potentially affect your land for generations. You should consult Stinson Law Firm to assist you before entering into a lease or other contractual agreement so that you are fully aware of issues that may arise once you enter into a contract with an oil and gas company.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can happen in some cases in Louisiana. You should know what they are.

Absolutely. Property line and fence laws in Louisiana are hard to understand, and we are suited to help.

Yes. We are fully equipped to assist in the buying and selling of property in Louisiana.

You should contact Stinson Law Firm to review your lease before signing it. In Louisiana, most lease forms are standard form leases; however, there are certain provisions that can be added or removed from the standard forms that are beneficial to landowners. Doug Stinson has experience with reviewing oil and gas leases and negotiating with oil and gas companies on behalf of landowners.

Issues between co-owners of land are common. Stinson Law Firm has assisted co-owner(s) of property with resolving their disputes with other co-owner(s). In some cases, the disputes cannot be resolved and a partition lawsuit is filed. In a partition suit, the property is either divided evenly between the co-owners or, in a lot of cases where an equal division is impossible, the property is sold at a sheriff sale. Stinson Law Firm has experience in representing co-owner(s) of property in partition lawsuits.

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