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What is Corporate Law?

A corporation or a business are often formed as a separate legal entity from the people who starts it. Such a corporation or company operates in its own name. Understandably, there should be a set of rules and laws that regulate these corporations.

The business has its own legal personality and can buy and sell assets. Creditors can only touch the ‘business’ and not the corporate owners in their capacity. This is called limited liability and allows owners to take risks and diversify.

Why hire a Corporate Law attorney?

The rules and regulations of corporate law have the aim to keep the interactions between businesses (and businesses and individuals) friendly. It makes it easier to do business if everyone understands how to take corporate actions.

Corporate Law Services

Below is a list of everyday corporate law actions. Our lawyers are experienced in helping businesses:

  • With strategic investments 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • With trademark- and copyright issues
  • Intellectual property agreements 
  • Cybersecurity, and more

Of course, there is much more to corporate law. Speak to your Louisiana attorney for help and custom-made solutions to your problems.

The foundation of economic activity

Without corporate law, economic activity will seize.

Stinson Law Firm can help you form a new business and set it up to do business. We foresee problems before they happen and will help you to avoid problematic common pitfalls. We will advise on your legal responsibilities.

We can help structure your corporation, hire the correct people, or advise you about investor rights. Do you want to merge with another company? We can help.

We understand business and how different transactions fit in with the general scope of business. We know company law, have excellent document drafting skills, and can create the correct papers for you.

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