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What is civil litigation?

It is a fact of life

People differ and some things get ugly. When a conflict arises between individuals, between someone and a company, or between business partners, a civil lawsuit might be the only way to resolve the conflict.

Civil litigation is the process by which disputes are settled, and if the case is not settled prior to trial, a court will decide how the law applies to the facts of a case.

The plaintiff in a civil lawsuit wants to right a wrong through compensation or other form of relief. He/she might want the other party to honor an agreement or to have to pay for an injury. Defendants want to protect their rights and opposite the plaintiff’s claim. Defendants might also have a claim that they wish to pursue against the plaintiff once the plaintiff initiates litigation.

It doesn’t matter if you are a defendant or a plaintiff. What is essential is to have a qualified and experienced civil litigation attorney at your side.

Civil Litigation & Business Law

At Stinson Law Firm, we understand business operations. We can provide counsel about breach of contract disputes, unfair business practices, business disputes, insurance coverage, and non-compete agreements.

We can represent individuals, but also landowners, construction companies, shareholders, corporations, and partnerships.

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a civil matter or business dispute, you have rights. We can help you understand your options and investigating and pursuing your claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

While non-competition agreements are enforceable in Louisiana, they must strictly comply with Louisiana law to be enforceable. La. R.S. 23:921 sets forth the requirements of a non-competition agreements. If you start your business and are determined by a court to have violated the non-compete you will likely be required to pay damages to your former employer and will be forced to shut down your new company. You should schedule a consultation with Stinson Law Firm to review your specific agreement and determine what options you have prior to making any decision.

Unless your contract or Louisiana law specifically provides for attorney fees then you are unlikely to be able to recover attorney fees. Contact Stinson Law Firm to schedule a consultation so that we can assist you in determining your rights.

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