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Practice Areas - Stinson Law Firm | Attorney in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA

Practice Areas

Attorney services in Shreveport Bossier City

Business Law & Civil Litigation

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a civil matter or business dispute, you have rights. We can help you understand your options and investigating and pursuing your claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

While non-competition agreements are enforceable in Louisiana, they must strictly comply with Louisiana law to be enforceable. La. R.S. 23:921 sets forth the requirements of a non-competition agreements. If you start your business and are determined by a court to have violated the non-compete you will likely be required to pay damages to your former employer and will be forced to shut down your new company. You should schedule a consultation with Stinson Law Firm to review your specific agreement and determine what options you have prior to making any decision.

Unless your contract or Louisiana law specifically provides for attorney fees then you are unlikely to be able to recover attorney fees. Contact Stinson Law Firm to schedule a consultation so that we can assist you in determining your rights.

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Family Law

Making the decision to divorce is an emotional and stressful time, and Stinson Law Firm will work to help you obtain a swift resolution that will be in the best interests of you and your family. Matters involving child support, visitation, custody, community property, and spousal support can be emotionally exhausting.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In Louisiana, if the parents cannot agree on custody or the agreement is not in the best interest of the child, the court is required to award joint custody to both parents. Sole custody may only be granted if one parent can show that it is in the best interest of the child.

If you are the domiciliary parent, have sole custody, or share equal physical custody by way of a judgment, you may be able to relocate only after following certain procedures under Louisiana law. This detailed procedure requires rules specific notification to the other parent or person with custody. If that person objects to your relocation, you will need to seek court approval. You should contact Stinson Law Firm as soon as possible if you are considering relocating the principal residence of your child.

Child support is set by guidelines established by Louisiana law. The amount of child support you will receive or be required to pay depends on several factors which include the number of minor children, gross income of both parties, child care costs, the cost of health insurance premiums, and the custody arrangement of the parties. Stinson Law Firm will assist you in getting the information that is necessary to determine the amount of child support you will receive or be required to pay.

That will depend on the complexity of your case, opposing counsel, and the amount of discord that exists between the parties. In uncontested divorces I am able to charge a flat fee plus court costs. In contested matters, I often charge an hourly rate and my clients are responsible for paying all court costs, which can be unpredictable at the beginning of litigation. Please schedule a consultation today so that I can try to assist you in determining the complexity of your case and give you an estimate of legal fees and court costs.

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Personal Injury Law

You’ve been hurt – physically or psychologically as a result of carelessness of another party. Someone must be held accountable. This is what personal injury law is about. The other party can be a person or a company.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN. Stinson Law Firm handles all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t pay a penny unless we win or settle your case. You will not be responsible for any costs, expenses, or legal fees until I recover damages for you.

Free! Consultations are free for all injury cases. You should contact Doug Stinson at Stinson Law Firm and I will conduct a free initial review of your case.

In Louisiana, you have one year from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit or your claim is barred forever. In some cases; however, you are allowed no more than three years to file a lawsuit if you did not discover your injury immediately. This is why it is essential that you seek legal counsel quickly.

Louisiana is a comparative fault state. Thus, someone injured in an accident might still be able to recover a certain percentage of damages regardless if they are partially at fault. In these cases, a judge or jury will determine a percentage of fault to both the plaintiff and the defendant, and the amount of compensation will be decided based on that determination. You should contact Stinson Law Firm to review your case to assist you before deciding on your own that you are solely at fault.

Insurance companies oftentimes make settlement offers soon after your injury. Individuals usually don’t know the full extent of their injuries soon after an accident, which makes it imprudent and unwise to settle a case without an experienced lawyer. There is a reason that insurance companies want to settle with you before you speak to an attorney. Once you settle your case, you are barred from recovering anything forever.

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Real Estate Law

Real estate law is the law that regulates title, ownership, and use of a home, a building or a piece of land. In Louisiana, real estate is referred to as immovable property.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can happen in some cases in Louisiana. You should know what they are.

Absolutely. Property line and fence laws in Louisiana are hard to understand, and we are suited to help.

Yes. We are fully equipped to assist in the buying and selling of property in Louisiana.

You should contact Stinson Law Firm to review your lease before signing it. In Louisiana, most lease forms are standard form leases; however, there are certain provisions that can be added or removed from the standard forms that are beneficial to landowners. Doug Stinson has experience with reviewing oil and gas leases and negotiating with oil and gas companies on behalf of landowners.

Issues between co-owners of land are common. Stinson Law Firm has assisted co-owner(s) of property with resolving their disputes with other co-owner(s). In some cases, the disputes cannot be resolved and a partition lawsuit is filed. In a partition suit, the property is either divided evenly between the co-owners or, in a lot of cases where an equal division is impossible, the property is sold at a sheriff sale. Stinson Law Firm has experience in representing co-owner(s) of property in partition lawsuits.

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Successions & Wills

Some successions require an administration of the succession. However, most successions, with or without a will, can be completed without an administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forced heirship is a legal concept unique to Louisiana. A forced heir is a descendant of the first degree that is under the age of 24 and/or permanently incapable of taking care of himself/herself or their estates due a physical or mental condition on the date of death of the deceased person. If a deceased person has one forced heir, the forced heir is entitled to one-fourth of the deceased person’s estate, regardless if the person had a will or not. If a person dies with two or more forced heirs, those forced heirs are entitled to half of the deceased person’s estate.

Writing your own will or using a form you find on the internet is risky because Louisiana law requires that last will and testaments meet certain form requirements. If the form requirements are not met the last will and testament will be ruled invalid. In these cases, a person’s wishes for how their estates should be divided will not be honored. Also, writing a will without a legal background can sometimes lead to confusion as to the intent of the testator. There is an increased chance of litigation between potential heirs if there is confusion regarding the intent in a person’s will. Litigation can be costly and stressful. Stinson Law Firm has experience in drafting last wills and testaments that meet the necessary form requirements as well as experience in contested successions when potential heirs disagree about issues in succession.

Yes. Obtaining a judgment of possession is important when land and a house is involved because the judgment of possession will put title of the property in the heir’s name. An heir will not be able to sell the property, sign an oil and gas lease for the property, etc., without having title.

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Corporate Law

A corporation or a business are often formed as a separate legal entity from the people who starts it. Such a corporation or company operates in its own name. Understandably, there should be a set of rules and laws that regulate these corporations.

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