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A Tradition of Excellence

For over seventy years, Stinson Law Firm has proudly served clients from Northwest Louisiana, including Bossier, Webster, Caddo and DeSoto Parishes. Ford E. Stinson began his legal practice in Benton, Louisiana in 1936. In 1954, he established Stinson Law Firm at its present location of 413 Sibley Street in Benton, Louisiana. In addition to his legal practice, Ford E. Stinson served on the Benton Board of Aldermen from 1936-1940, and in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1940-1944 and 1952-1972. He was also one of two delegates elected from Bossier Parish to serve in the Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1973. Ford E. Stinson was a veteran of World War II.

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History of The Stinson Law Firm

In 1977, Ford E. Stinson, Jr. joined his father’s legal practice. Together they proudly served clients in Northwest Louisiana until Ford E. Stinson passed away in 1989. Ford E. Stinson, Jr. continued Stinson Law Firm until 1997, when he was elected as a District Judge for the 26th Judicial District Court of Bossier and Webster Parishes. Ford E. Stinson, Jr. served as District Judge for eighteen years, and served as Chief Judge for the Court. Additionally, he served eight years on the executive committee for the Louisiana District Judges Association. Ford E. Stinson, Jr. also served as a Captain in the United States Army.


In 2014, Stinson Law Firm was re-established by Douglas M. Stinson at the same location where his grandfather and father established their legal careers. Doug Stinson is proud to continue the Stinson tradition of providing quality legal representation to clients throughout Northwest Louisiana. In addition to his private practice with Stinson Law Firm, Doug Stinson also serves as an assistant district attorney for Bossier and Webster Parishes where he has gained extensive trial experience in prosecuting cases ranging from DWI offenses to armed robbery and homicide cases.

Family History

Doug Stinson is the seventh of now eight generations of the Stinson family to live in Bossier Parish and is the direct descendant of several pioneer Bossier Parish families with many members having been involved in public service. Doug’s great-great-great grandfather, Major R.E. Wyche, served as sheriff of Bossier Parish from 1878-1889. His great-great grandfather, Ford Edwards, served as sheriff of Bossier Parish from 1904 until 1920. Doug’s great-grandfather, Robert T. Stinson, was the Bossier Parish Treasurer from 1913 until 1919. Doug’s grandfather, Ford E. Stinson, served in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1940-1944 and 1952-1972. Doug’s grandmother, Edna Earle Stinson, was the first woman in the history of Bossier Parish to serve as foreman of a Bossier Parish grand jury. Doug’s father, Ford E. Stinson, Jr., served as a judge for the 26th Judicial District Court from 1996 until 2014. Doug is continuing the Stinson tradition of public service as an assistant district attorney for Bossier-Webster Parish.